Crossfit Patriot Way Membership

Daily Crossfit classes led by industry experts will work with each athlete individually to maximize results. With a focus on functional fitness. Crossfit Patriot Way goes beyond just sculpting the body, we are focused on prolonging health and mobility through exercise and nutrition.

Head Coach and Program Director, Billie Smith, has been actively training and teaching Crossfit since 2010. She is a CF-L2, CF-Kids, CF-Olympic Lifting, CF-Movements and Mobility, USAW L1, Adaptive Athlete Trainer as well as a yoga instructor.

Owner & Coach, David Vaught, received his CF-L1 in 2016 and is an Adaptive Athlete Trainer. Over the past 30 years David has competed in powerlifting, endurance cycling, distance running and jiu-jitsu.

Among most standard Crossfit equipment, our facility will have four indoor 30 foot climbing ropes, an onsite, outdoor cross country loop with elevation change, as well as a dedicated outdoor activity area.


We operate without lengthy contracts so you are never held hostage. That being the case, should you need to cancel your membership due to unforeseen circumstances such as injury, moving, job loss, illness etc., we do require a 30 day notice and we will do our best to refund the remaining unused portion of your membership.


A program for athletes new to CrossFit, that will allow them to learn the fundamental movements in a controlled setting with an emphasis on teaching, reviewing, and reinforcing good movement patterns. The On-Ramp Program will provide a better environment for both the new members and advanced members within the normal classes. It will also lay a base for the new athletes to build upon.

We offer our On-Ramp Classes the first and third Tuesday & Thursday of each month. Each class is approximately 1 hour long and covers all of the movements and skills we use most in CrossFit.

We require new athletes to attend (1) Tuesday and (1) Thursday On-Ramp Class for a total of 2 hours of movement instruction before joining the group workouts. Our goal is safety and quality of movement.

**There is no additional cost for the On-Ramp Classes but, you are required to be a member to attend.
Drop-ins are not permitted for On-Ramp classes.


Class times and schedule are subject to change as we are a growing business. We try to accommodate as many people as we can with both morning and afternoon classes. Should a class time change be required, we will give a notice of 2 weeks before implementing the change.



We're just a click or a call away. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.